About Leith Skilling

About Leith Skilling 1

About The Blog:

When you see stories and news articles about the entertainment industry, you might be seeing more clickbait and vapid coverage than anything else – that’s why The Wide Screen allows you to see past the trivialities of gossip and chatter, through to the most important and defining moments of Hollywood history: my blog is dedicated to rational, unbiased reporting and making sure you know all the most important details about all the most important stories that other sites aren’t discussing – because on The Wide Screen, the picture is twice as clear.

About Leith Skilling:

The better part of my life has revolved around three things: (1) movies, (2) The Lord of the Rings, and (3) The Lord of the Rings movies. The book led me to the films based on the books, which then led me to a love of film in general. My horizons have since expanded from high fantasy (though it’s still my preferred genre) to all sorts of other things, be it drama, action, comedy or…well, actually, I don’t really enjoy horror, so we’ll leave it at comedy.

You will, however, see a significant number of posts about Amazon’s upcoming Lord of the Rings adaptation on this site: I’m unbiased – to a point.

I’ve studied film-making and acting, and I’m also a fervent writer: still working on a six-part high fantasy series. You think I’m kidding, but I’m not. I’m already nearly done writing the first book, and I’ve started book 2 (and yes, I know that sentence doesn’t make sense: none of the writing process makes sense).

I live in Connecticut, and when I’m not writing blog posts (which is usually every other day, if not every day) you might find me with my copy of Rings in hand, sailing to far distant shores and hiking by night on roads that seldom feet have walked…

I have also started writing for the illuminerdi, about which I am really excited, come check us out!