About Leith Skilling

About Leith Skilling 1

About The Blog:

When you see stories and news articles about the entertainment industry, chances are you’re seeing more clickbait and vapid coverage than anything else – that’s why The Wide Screen allows you to see past the trivialities of gossip and chatter, through to the most important and defining moments of Hollywood history: my blog is dedicated to making sure you know all the most important details about all the most important stories that other sites aren’t discussing. On The Wide Screen, the picture is twice as clear.

About Leith Skilling:

The better part of my life has revolved around three things: (1) movies, (2) The Lord of the Rings, and (3) The Lord of the Rings movies. The book led me to the films based on the books, which then led me to a love of film and TV in general that has fortuitously coincided with the upcoming release of another adaptation of The Lord Of The Rings. Fantasy is still my comfort zone, and the primary focus of my blog, but I also cover drama, action, comedy, and just about anything that piques my interest, honestly.